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Evolution of the world hour record Women

Hour records are not recognized by ISU. These records are therefore unofficial and can be seen as world best times.

#namedistanceplacetrack typedate
1Elisabeth VadotFRA28,749.00 mGrenobleFRAoutdoor - artificial?
2Elisabeth VadotFRA29,363.40 mGrenobleFRAoutdoor - artificial23 Feb 1972
3Lenie van der Hoorn-LangelaanNED31,212.59 mAmsterdamNEDoutdoor - artificial26 Feb 1978
4Ineke Kooiman-van HomoetNED33,837.71 mThe HagueNEDoutdoor - artificial7 Mar 1982
5Lilian van TolNED34,507.30 mHeerenveenNEDindoor - artificial16 Nov 1987
6Maria SterkNED36,441.26 m*HeerenveenNEDindoor - artificial29 Mar 2005
7Carien KleibeukerNED40,569.56 m*InzellGERindoor - artificial9 Dec 2015
*= record skated on klap skates