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A line highlighted in grey contains the full name of a skater, or the name of a female skater before she married.

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The table below lists all skaters with a last name starting with a Y.

mBoris YakimovURS
wTatyana YakovenkoUKR
wVarvara YakovlevaRUS
=Varvara Варвара Яковлева
wValentina YakshinaRUS
=Valentina Vladimirovna Yakshina
wRio YamadaJPN
mHideto YamaguchiJPN
mHiroaki YamakageJPN
wHiromi YamamotoJPN
mMasahiko YamamotoJPN
wMayumi YamamotoJPN
mTaishi YamamotoJPN
mDaichi YamanakaJPN
wKako YamaneJPN
wMegumi YamazakiJPN
mYan ChaoCHN
wChoko YanaseJPN
wYang ChunyuanCHN
mYang FanCHN
mYang JuchengCHN
mYang MingCHN
mYang Seung-yongKOR
mYang ShaohuaCHN
wYang Shin-youngKOR
wYang SiningCHN
mYang TaoCHN
wYang XuCHN
wYang YungxiangCHN
mYang ZhendongCHN
mYang ZhipengCHN
mYao MingCHN
mPo-yuan YaoTPE
mYao TiemingCHN
wNina YasashinaURS
wYuliya YasenokBLR
mNaoki YasudaJPN
wYuki YasudaJPN
wYe QiaoboCHN
wYelena YefimovaURS
wIrina YegorovaURS
=Irina Nikolayevna Yegorova
mYeo Sang-YeopKOR
wYeon Son-yuPRK
wYelena YeraninaRUS
mAndrey YermolinURS
mAleksey YesinRUS
wMarina YevgrafovaURS
wSvetlana YevlikovaURS
mNikita YevteyevRUS
wYingshu PiaoCHN
mJan YkemaNED
=Jan Jelle Ykema
wOuti Ylä-SulkavaFIN
=Outi Aunula-Ylä-Sulkava
mWaldemar YlanderFIN
mJuho-jaakko Yli-IlkkaFIN
wChieko YodaJPN
mAoi YokoyamaJPN
mDaisuke YonekuraJPN
wYoo Sun-heeKOR
mYoo Won-chulKOR
wYoon Hee-joonKOR
wYoon Jee-weonKOR
wYoon Jung-MinKOR
mYoon Seok-JungKOR
wSayuri YoshiiJPN
wYuuna YoshimuraJPN
wYou YanchunCHN
mGeorge YoungGBR
=George A. Young
wSheila YoungUSA
=Sheila Grace Young
=Sheila Young-Ochowicz
wElse Ragni YttredalNOR
mYu FengtongCHN
wYu JingCHN
mYu RuiCHN
mYu YuminCHN
mYuan YingyiCHN
wTatyana YudinaRUS
mMasahiro YukiJPN
mYury YumashevURS
wYun Chan-hyangPRK
mAleksey YuninRUS
=Aleksey Vladimirovich Yunin
mYegor YuninRUS
mDmitry YurkovURS
mStanislav YurochkinKAZ
wVera YushkovaURS/RUS
=Vera Barmina-Yushkova
mDenis YuskovRUS